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Welcome to Redemption

~~For a listing of all members, Check the Rosters.~~

What is the Redemption?

Redemption is a guild designed for experienced players who enjoy slaying vile hordes of enemies and helping people to better enjoy the game. The guild also acts as a network of service-for-hire individuals to assist in various activities.

Why join the Redemption?

If you are the kind of person who likes to endlessly kill monsters, travel through distant lands, and have a high degree of knowledge of gameplay, Redemption may be the guild for you. Unlike other guilds, Redemption does not offer access to powerful and free items or money, but rather the ideal of the guild is to allow one the best possible chances to grow stronger/improve upon the skills necessary to survive. Also, knowledge is power, and such is the foundation of the guild. Only those willing to learn and help spread their learned know-how to others are likely candidates.

Wait, no free stuff? And what do you mean "best possible chances...?"

Yes, the idea that you can join a group or guild to get free stuff defeats the purpose of the learning process. How can you say that you climbed a mountain, if you rode the ski lift? Or how can you admit you crossed the ocean, if you flew in a plane to the other side? Of course,Redemption is here to lend a hand to help you pull yourself up to the next ledge, and provide an island for you to recover your body for the rest of the swim. We are a guild of achievers, not dependents.

What are the requirements to joining?

To be a proud member of Redemption, one must fulfill three simple requirements. 1) You must be able to survive out in the fields of battle alone. This means that no matter where you go, you can safely travel without having to ask for help. 2) You must display a sufficient level of knowledge about the game/gameplay. This means that any random person can come up to you and ask "Heeeeey! where can i find X?" or "how come when i do Q, nothing happens??" and you will be able to succinctly help answer their inquiry. 3) You must be a considerate and well mannered player of the game. This ought to be self-explanatory, however it means that you must be willing to help others, and never talk down to or flame/harrass/discriminate other players. (there is a big difference between telling someone they cannot join a party because they are too low a level to be of any real help, and telling them they cannot join because they s**k at life) Should you fulfill these three requirements, the guild leaders will decide if you are a worthy addition to Redemption.

What are the Ranks?
Anima - Leader
Vespre - Vice-Leader
Glint - Officer
Liminality - Veteran
Abyssus - Recruit

Sounds like there isn't much in it for ME, so why bother?

Redemption is not for everyone. Only those who strive to excell in combat and be of assistance to the community are allowed entry.

Besides the vague distinction between leaders and the rest of Ranks, there is no difference amongst the members. We are all akin in that we enjoy fighting and being of service. Members may come and go as they wish, but should any member grossly break any of their requirements, such as shout nasty messages to others or otherwise be found to be a nuisance amongst the game community, their membership will be revoked permanently or until further notice.
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Changes on the Forums?

xoCosmic, Jul 20, 11 12:38 PM.
There will be changes on the forums so I just ask you all to Look through the forums. More Proper Topics will be added and arranged.

Congratulations on hitting lvl 5!

Mairusu, Jul 9, 11 3:34 PM.
Good job guys on this accomplishment, keep working and soon we'll be at level 6. Just 120k fame and 54k gold!
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